For the love of the sandwich

Many a day I grew up wanting the most perfect sandwich in the world. As a youngster I longed for something more that two pieces of bread and processed meat.

Finally at the age of 10 I experienced pure bliss in the form of the Monte Cristo… My life was changed from that day forward. That day I became a man.

At first I was confounded by the presence of the fried gargantuan beast. It broke the walls of possibility and reason. Never before had I consider the possibly of meat and cheese incased in a crunchy blanket of deliciousness. Upon biting into this carnivores delight my mouth was flooded with the sumptuous juices of the ham and turkey. Followed by the refreshing sharp flavor of swiss cheese. As I began to swallow, I noticed the sweetness of the powdered sugar dusting the roof of my mouth. I then noticed the tartness for the raspberry preserves as I licked my lips clean.

Since the loss of my monte cristo virginity, I have been on a quest for the most life changing experience possible, the consumption holiest sandwich ever created… The Jesus de Monte Cristo! So join me as I consume, devour, praise or denounce…all on the quest to find the holiest or holies.